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Wii Exploit Soon To Be Released: Mailbox Bomb

Posted by wiisixtyfour on August 2, 2011 at 12:10 AM

To quote crediar and giantpune:

@giantpune: anybody wanna buy an exploit for system menu 4.3?

@crediar: Better get rid of all your stockpiled exploit-Wii games, they're going to be worthless soon! -> goo.gl/t0jnc and remember, we work for tips!

@crediar: You just have to copy a prepared file onto your SD card. That's it!

@giantpune: Seems MBB will work for 3.0+ (32 versions). Too much work do do for peanuts.


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UPDATE: Check out Letterbomb, which does the same thing as this exploit.

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