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Giantpune's Wii NAND Tools

Posted by wiisixtyfour on May 10, 2011 at 3:05 AM

Giantpune has released some very useful tools that allow you to do many things with a BootMii NAND dump. Check out the project page here. I have compiled the latest (updated to r106 as of June 5, 2011) versions of the four of giantpune's tools for use on Windows. I may get around to doing the OSX version if I can figure that out later...

Update: For Mac OS X versions see here.

In order to use any of these 4 tools, you will need a set of DLL files (place them in the same folder as the exe).

Get the DLL files here.

The first tool is "nandBinCheck" which is used to display information about a nand.bin for the Wii. "nandBinCheck" is a Command Line Interface (CLI) program, so there's no fancy GUI. It is able to display information about boot1 & 2, nand filesystem, permissions, ecc, hmac, SFFS, detect causes of many different types of bricks ( opera, 003, unbootable IOS ). With this program, you are almost guaranteed that a nand.bin is safe to install on a Wii. Giantpune has also used it many times to diagnose an otherwise unknown cause of brick.

Get nandBinCheck here.

The next tool is called "ohneschwanzenegger". It is a program for creating, formatting, & writing to a nand.bin. It allows you to create a nand.bin on your PC that you can then install with bootmii or a flash programmer. It accepts WADs or can download titles and full updates from NUS. It is still recommended that you check the contents of a nand.bin before installing it to a Wii.

Get ohneschwanzenegger here.

The third tool is "nandExtract" which can extract some or all files from a nand.bin, as well as examine its contents. You can see all the blocks of the NAND dump as well as info about the boot sector and such.

Get nandExtract here.

The final tool is "punetwiin". It's basically like betwiin which converts a NAND.bin to use on a different Wii with the different keys. It works slightly different though; It takes a full nand.bin for both done files. It pulls the files and filesystem from the first NAND, and it pulls boot1 and boot2, the keys and the bad block map from the second NAND. When its done, you will have the contents from the filesystem in the first NAND mixed with everything else from the second NAND. The full process should take about 2 minutes. Bad blocks are taken into account, so it should be safer that Betwiin. Anybody using punetwiin is encouraged to verify the content of the output file before installing it.

Get punetwiin here.

Of course all credit for these apps goes to giantpune and all the people who originally figured this stuff out (Team Twiizers) all I did was compile them for Windows.


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Reply Renegade
11:40 AM on August 28, 2011 
I don't know how to thank you for this little bit of information. Originally I installed some bad files on my wii, causing the wiimote to unsync itself and lock the system up constantly within minutes of turning it on. By creating a new NAND since for some odd reason I lost my original SD card with the NAND i dumped on it, and with boot 2 support being able to dump the keys from my wii. It is now saved and working properly. I did update to 4.3u. System does ask to do an update and the first time I did update. Causing the same issues as before. This time I didn't update and everything is working just like it should! THANK YOU!!!
Reply Renegade
11:43 AM on August 28, 2011 
An added note, by not using a NAND from another wii, and creating a new one from your software above. I am still able to access the Shop Channel, and access my old games that I have paid for.
Reply wiisixtyfour
9:45 PM on August 28, 2011 
I'm glad to see that it helped you out.
Reply RenegadeFred
9:21 PM on September 9, 2011 
Me again, chiming in on this yet again. Ohneschwanzenegger - great program if you know what your doing with it. As far as I can find, there are very little video's on the subject, but if you decide to use this program here's some more tips. Aside from what was said above, I only created a 4.3U NAND. This in the end causing more problems later down the line then I had foreseen. That can be done easily by typing either "4.3U" in the box below "Nand Dump" of course minus the quotation marks.

Also while using this program I have referred often to the NUS Downloader program. Giving me the hex codes for the IOS files that I had forgotten to do on the first few tries with the program. Upon a HUGE headache and a lot of Nands, I finally got it thru my thick skull that i'm obviously missing the key IOS files to make the wii work properly. If you choose to go down that road - You can install all the IOS files or skip over the ones that are Stubbed. It doesn't hurt the Wii either way, the Stubbed files are useless thou. Also don't forget to install any channels that you may want - Hex codes also can be found in the NUS Downloader.

I did try to use the wad installer when creating the NAND, but it doesn't seem to have taken any of the wad files i tried to inject. This is something I may have to play around with but with the many other means of installing the CIOS files it wasn't important to me enough to dig further into it.

It's really a great program, as long as you still have the keys.bin file from a nand dump from that specific wii. That's the only thing that's needed, and if you already have bootmii in boot2 it's easy enough to get. Best of luck to you players. Play hard, and play fair.
Reply TheWon
2:10 PM on December 7, 2013 
Hello I hope you are still using the blog. I was hoping you had detail instructions on how to use Punetwiin. From start to finish any help would be appreciated.
Reply pixelsblur
2:39 PM on September 4, 2015 
Hi, I know this thread is ancient, lol, I found this through a friend who said there was a guide to extract a wad from a nand, I tried using showmiiwads but that didn't open the nand, I however used nandEXTRACT and can see the titlles and like renegade I am using NUS Downloader for the HEX, I found the files I need but I cant extract to wads, any direction would be helpful. Thanks.
Reply wiigamer
6:52 AM on October 5, 2018 
a question about the creator of NAND when he formats the nand and installed the system menu to be installed I have noticed that it creates a new serial query is to restore it does not change the original serial or that data is contained in the key.bin and they are restored leaving the factory with their original data 2) with this I can solve a problem I have with a wii that has this error and shows the following message from. An error has occurred, remove disk and turn off the console and consult manual instructions. I made a copy of the nand with bootmii and I present 150 blocks with reading problems using this application I could help with that problem