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April Fools!

Posted by wiisixtyfour on April 3, 2011 at 12:37 AM

So if you haven't figured out already, "Paper Mario Pwns" is not real. Here's what happened.

I could not think of anything to do for April Fools Day so I decided to fake an exploit. Seeing as there have been numerous new exploits coming out for the Wii I figured it might just pass. What I did was pick a game which had a name entry screen, Super Paper Mario. I created the artwork for it (thank you very much) and put it in the save with Seghers Tools. After that I also looked at the savefile to see what would happen if I overflowed the name entry. It causes the save file to be corrupted (in the game, not the Wii Menu). So instead I just put the name "MRIOPWNS" (because that's all that fits) and then recorded the video. After I chose the save and started the new game, I went to Lego Batman and did "Bathaxx" to load the HackMii Installer (still recording). So then I edited the video to cut out between me choosing the save and running Bathaxx. If you notice when the exploit triggers it still says "([email protected])". So I uploaded the video and made a page about "Paper Mario Pwns". After this many people were skeptical of course, especially since there wasn't a download. So what I did was put the "Corrupt" file as a download. I also took a PAL save from the internet, replace the images and corrupted the save and put that as a download. So far a number of people have downloaded it. If anyone has seen the readme.txt they already know.

This is not a real exploit. If you copy it to your Wii and run the game it will show up
as "Corrupted". It is not dangerous to your Wii, simply delete the savefile.
Let's see how many of you read this?

So There you have it. That's how I faked the exploit.

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