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Liberty - Halo Reach Campaign Editor

Posted by wiisixtyfour on December 6, 2011 at 6:20 AM

I have compiled a beta version of the Halo Reach (and Halo CE Anniversary) campaign editor. Info is below and unofficial build is at the bottom. --wiisixtyfour

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Information below was taking from this topic on Se7enSins: [se7ensins.com]


Liberty, is the first Halo: Reach campaign editor, that is 100% free, and doesn't require registration. It can also do more features than most of the current editors around. It was coded from 100% our research and we had no help at all from anyone who already had information on campaign saves. It is licensed under the GPL v3 Copyright act, which means you may use the Source-Code to learn, but can't simply edit it and release it for profit or without giving proper credit to the original owners.

Liberty, was developed by 4 people;

  • AMD: Backend Code/Research
  • Xerax: GUI/(some)Backend Code/Research
  • ThunderWaffle {Unknown Heck}: Research
  • XenonDev {Kontrol}: Research

And we would also like to thank;

  • Bloodrapter: Testing
  • DeadCanadian: Testing/Help Researching
  • Ascention Developers
  • Xbox Chaos Community
  • Team Viewer
  • Bungie: For being kickass, and leading the way in FPS's over the last 10 years. (also making a b**** of a save format

Q: I get an exception saying my Save is an "Invalid Package" watdo?

A: Well, that means it isn't a valid Halo: Reach Campaign Savegame, or it is corrupted. Try getting a clean/Untouched save.

Q: I get exceptions saying I don't have the correct file permissions?

A: Make sure you are running the application as Administrator.

Q: When i try to load a save from my USB, it says it can't detect any FATX Devices?

A: Make sure you are running the application as Administrator, and you don't have any other fatx viewers open.

Download - v3.2.0.0 - r10391 BETA

Download - v3.2.1.0 - OFFICIAL (NEWEST)

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