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Fixing Your IOSes for the HackMii Installer

This installer can NOT continue!

There is no known vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii.
Please note that we will not use a fakesigned IOS due to security reasons.

Look for an updated version at:

If this is already the latest version... well, suck it.

If you get this error when running the HackMii Installer it means you are either using an old version of the HackMii Installer (the current is v1.2) or you have patched or done something to your IOSes before trying to run the HackMii Installer. IOSes are basically the Wii's "operating system." There are a few different reasons why this error may occur:

  1. You have installed cIOSes [custom IOSes] in place of your original IOSes. These are things like cIOScorp or Darkcorp which allow you to play "backup" (AKA copied) Wii games. These cIOSes should NOT be used by ANYONE. They seriously mess up your Wii.
  2. You have patched your IOSes with app such as Dop-Mii, Dop-IOS, Trucha Bug Restorer, Multi-Mod-Manager, or Pimp My Wii. Patching IOSes is not recommended for beginners (and is not necessary anymore).
  3. You are trying to use an old version of the HackMii Installer on System Menu 4.3. For a while the HackMii Installer could not be used on 4.3 but has now been fixed. You should be using the latest version (v1.2 as of this writing)
  4. Some people have been getting this error and the cause is yet to be known. Usually (99.9% of the time) it is one of the above situations.

Fixing the issue

You will need:

What to do:

First you must prepare your SD Card.

If you have an internet connection on your Wii, you can skip this next section of bullet points. Continue

If you do not have an internet connection you must use NUS Downloader [NUSD] to get the IOS .wad file. (A .wad file is a container, much like a .zip file, that contains Wii software such as Channels, IOS, and other System software.)

It should look like this.

Your SD card should look something like this:


Now we move on to the Wii.

Now you should be able to remove the app from your SD card.

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